Pirate Pearl and the Big Blue Monster

14th Aug
Children | ALL EVENTS

Ahoy there, land lubbers - hop aboard the good ship Mirabel and join our rollicking adventures on the high seas.  

Pirate Pearl lives with her crusty old crew, Barnacle the dog and Mr Puskins the cat. One day, Pearl finds a stowaway onboard ship. It’s a baby monster, but baby monsters grow into BIG, CLUMSY MONSTERS!  

With songs, puppets and live music, this fantastic family show will have you singing along, dancing in the aisles and laughing till your sides split. 

Will baby monster ever find his mummy or will Pearl be stuck with smelly bums and stinky nappies FOREVER?!

Bryngarw Park

Tickets: £8.50 - £10.50

Ticket Status: Available

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