8th Mar
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“Everyday, I play with Mam. Suddenly the game changes …”

One morning, in that time in-between waking and the start of the day a young boy takes us on a journey to experience different worlds of play, be they imaginary, found online or in the ‘real world’, to help him discover a new found joy in playing …

Chwarae is a sensory feast featuring live music, stunning moves and was developed collaboratively with families from North Wales.

Artist Elgan Rhys has been exploring the importance play has in the relationship between children and adults. This new show celebrates the complexities of the how, where, why, with who and what of play in our ever-busy world…

“It was a special experience for both of us. It can be easy for us lose touch with the incredible freedom of being a child. I am very proud that we are a a part of such an innovative and important project.” Awen Owen, Projects’ Family Ambassador (and Efa’s Mam!)

For ages 4+

Grand Pavilion

Tickets: £4.50

Ticket Status: Available

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