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Call to local artists, performers, people with artistic practice to be part of a voluntary project for the Grand Pavilion promenade exhibition!

Our Promenart exhibition at the front of the Grand Pavilion continues and we are working with the talented Berenice Luceau for the July Exhibition. We would love to speak to any performers or artists who would like to participate in this voluntary project to represent to the performing Arts through a series of still images expressing the performer’s body through its movements.

So much of our artistic practice has come to a standstill and we want to remember and celebrate all that this can include. The project is to give participants motion through fine art photography and to create a powerful exhibition for the promenade. All artists welcome, visual arts, drama, musicians, dancers comedians and beyond.

You can find more information here READ MORE

Participation will involve an online discussion with the artist to discuss ideas in May and potentially a 3 hour photo shoot in an Awen Venue in June 2020.

Please send your name, phone number, email address and a short sentence about yourself and your artistic practice to by 10th May 2021