W.H.I.P Spring 2020

26th Mar
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As the event description suggests, it will be an evening of unrepressed theatre. So, please be brave and send in irreverent sketches, stand-up routines, thickly-woven dramas – just about anything will do. The criteria is simple: The work must be original and last no more than 10 minutes in duration. Should you want to submit an idea without a solid script, such as a stand-up routine, then please just email us with a basic structure to your piece and an idea of the content; what you’re trying to say.

A final note… This event is for work in process and progress - it doesn’t need to be finished! Use this as an opportunity to test new ideas and see how our audience respond. It is important to mention that the evening will feature a Q and A between the audience and creatives respectively and that the conversation we hope to spark will be incredibly useful.

Grand Pavilion

Tickets: £3.00

Ticket Status: Available

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